Affording a New Roof

May 27, 2019 | Roofing

A new roof is going to cost you more than a few pennies but when compared to what an old roof could cost you by constant repairs, it’s far more cost efficient to have your roof replaced when the time comes. There are many factors that affect the cost of a new roof but there are financial options that can help make it more affordable for homeowners.



Most people don’t buy a car or a home all at once with a pile of cash. Your new roof will most likely be with you for twenty years, so there’s no rush to pay it off. You can work out a financing plan through a loan and avoid worrying about the cost or the weather in the meantime.



Depending on the type of new roof you get, you may be able to claim an energy tax credit to recoup part of the cost. Plus the value you put into your home with a more efficient roof will be reflected in your home’s selling price if you move.



There is no such thing as “one roof fits all”. There are multiple kinds of roofs (wood, asphalt, rubber, metal, etc) and a range of costs in each category. Roofs vary in size and some might require additional services such as the replacement of rotten wood (roof decking). That also means there is not one definitive price for all roofs with so many factors affecting the cost.




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