Mar 12, 2020 | Roofing, Spouting

Are you receiving a tax refund this year? Like most people, you may find yourself tempted to splurge and spend it on something frivolous and fun. However, why not make a smart choice and invest the money back into something beneficial, such as your most important asset…your home. Is your roof coming to the end of its life? Did you discover new leaks this winter? You may need a roof replacement.


It’s no secret that a roof replacement is a major expense. However, having an extra chunk of cash from your tax refund can soften the blow and make now the perfect time to undertake this project. Pennsylvania’s climate is not particularly friendly with roofs either. Missing shingles and tiles often lead to further damage of your roof’s structure, and leaving them un-repaired for too long will often damage your roof beyond repair. Call today for your FREE estimate, and let the experts at Greenawalt educate you on if your roof should be repaired or replaced.




Getting a roof inspection and maintenance service is a great way to prevent roof problems from becoming serious issues. A maintenance service will often include an inspection for issues that may have developed as well as minor repairs and cleaning services to keep your roof functioning to the best of its ability. For roofs which are coming to the end of their life, these maintenance services are important to prevent any small problems from suddenly growing into a serious issue that can lead to an urgent need for full replacement. Maintenance will also include gutter inspections, cleaning, debris clearing, and more. Depending on the condition your roof is in, you should consider having this done either once or twice per year.

Greenawalt Roofing operates every day with the goal of achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction by doing whatever it takes to exceed expectations. We only use the highest quality materials with a precision installation on every job. In fact, we’re so committed to a superior installation that we offer an exceptional warranty on all of our roofing and gutter systems.

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