Four Great Reasons to Replace Existing Skylights When You Replace a Roof.

Aug 22, 2019 | Roofing, Windows


Save Money and Time

During a skylight replacement, a roofer removes the shingles around the skylight to re-flash and seal the window to the roof deck or curb.Therefore, the most ideal cost-efficient time to replace a skylight is when you re-roof and are removing all the old shingles to lay down new ones.

Biggest Promise, Strongest Warranty

VELUX is the only skylight company to implement three layers of protection in our product design, giving you peace of mind against leaks. Our comprehensive, industry-first, No Leak Warranty covers your skylight and its installation against leaks for 10 years*


Improved Energy Efficiency

VELUX continually develops and tests our skylight to ensure we maintain our high standard of design. We offer clean, quiet, safe glass that provides the best balance of daylight and heat control, improving the energy efficiency of your window.

Federal Tax Credit

Go Solar, Save Big!

The sun provides us with more energy in a single hour than the entire world uses in a year. So, why depend on energy from anywhere else? Go Solar with VELUX and see how you can save big, both on your home’s energy efficiency and in your pocket!


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