Jan 13, 2020 | Roofing, Spouting

Ice dams, icicles, and condensation are three big problems with roofs which tend to crop up during the winter months. If you’re dealing with one, two, or all three of these issues, you should know that there is one smart way to get things back to normal. Naturally, the simplest solution is to call a professional roofing repair and maintenance company. Then, you won’t need to put yourself at risk trying to correct problems on a slippery rooftop.

It’s definitely safer to leave these types of quick fixes to the pros. They have years of experience, as well as all the right equipment and tools. Roofing experts know the best processes to follow and our services are usually more affordable than people expect. Now, let’s talk about how these roofing experts handle these types of problems.

Ice Dams Require Special Care

Most roofing company employees deal with ice dams by breaking them up with tools and then using calcium chloride. It’s important to avoid using rock salt when it comes to fixing ice dams, which can be very harsh and it may even damage roof materials. Since the process of breaking up ice dams requires a lot of time, energy, and care, it’s best left to roofing professionals. Trying to do it on your own may be dangerous. Having low heat cable systems installed can reduce the risk of ice and the heavy weight that is associated with it.

Icicles Should be Carefully Removed

Roofing experts have special tools that they use to remove icicles. If you’re determined to do it yourself, consider using a rake, as it has the right shape. In addition to breaking off icicles with special tools, roofing pros tend to treat icy areas with chemical de-icers. As with ice dams, calcium chloride is a popular chemical de-icer for icicle removal. Also, urea can be used, as it is relatively gentle to roofing components and any nearby plant life.

Condensation Needs to be Handled Quickly

Condensation that collects on rooftops in the winter months may negatively impact the roof’s structural integrity. It may also seep into the interiors of homes and cause water damage. Only a roofing specialist will be able to inspect a roof carefully and analyze the best ways to deal with winter roof condensation. A roof expert should be able to come up with a specialized ventilation plan for your roof, which helps you ensure that condensation isn’t doing any real damage.

Now that you know more about common solutions to winter roofing problems, you will be ready to move forward and hire a roofing professional. When that time comes, give Greenawalt Roofing Company a call!

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