4 Questions You Should Ask About Your Gutters

Jul 31, 2018 | Roofing, Spouting

Are you worried about the state of your gutters? This season is the perfect time for you to consult with Greenawalt Roofing Company.

Here’s a list of questions based on common gutter problems homeowners encounter:

  1.  What should I do with clogged gutters?
    The most common problem you may experience with your gutters is blockage. Gutters can fill up with leaves, twigs, branches, pests, standing water, and other things, which in turn can disrupt the gutters’ functionality. You must inspect the gutters regularly. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow on the roof, which can damage the roofs infrastructure.
  2. Is it normal for gutters to be separated from the house?
    Gutters also have a tendency to become detached from the house, and this is normally called “sagging.” This could be the result of the passage of time, the wear and tear from being exposed to various weather conditions, or improper installation. It is important for sagging gutters to be fixed immediately to avoid a gutter system collapse.
  3. Are leaks easily repaired?
    Leaks are also common ailments of gutters. There are products out there that could allow you to fix the holes in your gutters yourself. However, a professional roofer will be able to repair holes more effectively, and they can spot certain problems you may have overlooked.
  4. Is the pitch essential to the gutter? What must I do to make it more efficient?
    The pitch of your gutters also contributes to their overall performance. If the gutters are not appropriately pitched toward the downspouts, this can cause water buildup that could affect the stability of the roof.


Cleaning Clogged Gutters

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