Aluminum Gutters Overview

May 16, 2019 | Spouting

If you are having your rain gutters updated or installed for the first time, you have a variety of materials to choose from. Gutter systems are commonly made of vinyl, steel, aluminum, or sometimes, copper. Aluminum rain gutters are, by far, the most popular systems chosen, making up nearly 80% of all gutters installed in the country. They provide homeowners with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, flexibility, and reliability. Additionally, there are some benefits and facts that you may not already know about aluminum gutters.

Aluminum Gutters are Long Lasting and Durable

Aluminum gutters are known for their durability. They are able to stand up to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, hail, high winds, tornadoes, and the ice and occasional snow that the area sees in the winter. In fact, aluminum gutters often have a lifespan of over 20 years.

Aluminum Gutters are Lightweight

Gutters that are lightweight, like those made of aluminum, are an ideal choice for homeowners because they are easier to install than those made from heavier materials, and they sag far less over time.

Aluminum Gutters Won’t Rust

While steel gutters are an option that some homeowners opt for, it is heavier than aluminum and when leaves and other debris begin to fill up steel gutters, it may cause corrosion or rust. Aluminum gutters may be a better option considering this.

Aluminum Gutters Can Hold More Water

One of the most effective reasons to choose aluminum gutters is that they are able to hold more water than those made of other materials. This is a huge benefit during heavy rains.

Aluminum Gutters Can Be Customized

Unlike some of the other gutter materials, such as steel or copper, aluminum gutters can be customized to the specifics of your home. They are made in different gauges and thickness, so a unique system can be designed to complement your house. That means that the aluminum gutter you have installed can be fitted to any unique spaces that your home has. Aluminum gutters also come in a variety of prefinished colors that will allow you to match them to your home.

Aluminum Gutters Can Be Seamless

Nearly three-quarters of homeowners who have rain gutters installed opt for seamless gutters. Aluminum works great for this option. Using seamless gutters ensures that there are no leaks and that water is directed away from your home quickly and safely. This prevents water from running down the side of your home, potentially creating damaging issues like fascia and soffit from rotting, creating mold and mildew.

Aluminum Gutters Prevent Foundation Damage

Water can be very damaging to your home, including the foundation. If water from rainfall is allowed to collect around the base of your home, it can soak down to the foundation. Over time, water can cause cracking and movement of the foundation, making the home a hazardous place to be for you and your family. Adding aluminum gutters can flush rainwater away from your home and foundation keeping them safe and secure from damage.

Aluminum Gutters Need to Be Maintained

While rain gutters are efficient and effective, they do require maintenance to continue to work properly. Many people opt to take care of their gutters during the spring season, after the harsh weather in the winter, but it’s important that you inspect your gutters more than once a year. Some of the key times to make sure that they are in good shape are right after all leaves have fallen from trees or after severe weather such as heavy rain or strong winds.

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