Are Your Windows Ready For Winter?

Dec 27, 2018 | Roofing

Windows are an important barrier between the harsh, variable weather outside and our calm, consistent home temperatures. Home windows tend to have a fifteen to twenty-year lifespan, so luckily we don’t have to think about replacing them too often. But knowing when replacement is in order can be tricky. You might be tempted to try and hold out for another season if you notice the warning signs. But replacing your windows now can help you extend the life of your whole home and keep you and your family warm all winter long.


Here are a few signs that your windows are not ready for the harsh winter this year.

Drafty Home

As windows age, they start shrinking, breaking, and not closing properly, allowing air from inside your home to flow out. As a result of this, your HVAC system struggles to keep your home at a constant temperature and sends your energy bills skyrocketing. If your home is noticeably more drafty or your electric bills seem to be going up this fall for no apparent reason, you may want to have your windows checked out.

Difficult to Lock

We enjoy having our windows open when the weather is nice, but they shouldn’t be open all of the time. During the winter and when we’re not home, your windows should be shut in place and locked. Windows with malfunctioning locks is a major security risk that should be remedied as soon as possible to keep your family safe. Often the lock can be repaired inexpensively, but if the window is having trouble staying open or shut or is leaking air, it may be best to simply install a new one.

Condensation Forming

The biggest sign that you need new windows is when condensation starts to form on the inside of your window when it is shut and locked. This is indicative of a likely irreparable flaw and should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent the potential growth of mold in the frame, which can spread to other areas of your home and cause serious damage when left untreated.

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