Consider a Metal Roof

Jul 5, 2018 | Roofing

Why Is Metal Roofing Good for Homes?

When most people think of metal roofing, they think of commercial buildings. However, it also offers many advantages for homeowners. Greenawalt Roofing has several reasons why you should consider installing metal roofing at your home.

  • It’s long-lasting – While they may be more expensive than other types of materials for residential roofing, the payoff is worth it. Metal roofing requires hardly any major upkeep and can last up to 50 years. You’ll hardly ever have to worry about calling for a roof repair.
  • It reduces heat – Metal roofing reflects the suns harsh rays, keeping your home cooler. This will help you reduce your energy bill during the warmer months.
  • It’s fireproof – When it comes to protecting your home from fire, a metal roof can’t be beat. The metal material is resistant to fire and can keep your home safe from blowing embers.
  • Ignore these myths – Metal roofs do not make more noise or attract lightning any more than other types of residential roofs. If you’re still concerned about sound, install another layer of insulation in your attic to reduce possible noise. Install lightning rods or other equipment to protect your home from possible strikes.

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