Hail Damage?

Sep 11, 2017 | Roofing


Do you live in one of the highlighted areas on this map??  Than your home’s exterior may have been compromised on September 5th, 2017 when a storm came through the west dropping hail ranging in size from .5″to1.75″ on more than 28,000 homes in Lancaster and surrounding areas.

After the storm passed, many individuals were outside taking pictures of the hail that had fallen on their property not realizing that those same pieces of hail may have just caused damage to their roof, siding, or gutters. Hail damage to roof tops often times cannot be seen from the ground, and that is a big reason why the idea of hail damage hardly ever crosses a homeowner’s mind. When it comes to your roof, hail spots are not just a cosmetic mark you can ignore. Even the smallest hail impact on a shingle can lead to major problems.


What can hail do to your roof? Once hail hits your asphalt shingles it causes the bond to loosen between the granules and the asphalt layer. When the granules fall off the damaged areas of the shingles, the asphalt layer is then exposed to the elements of the weather. Without a protective layer of granules, the asphalt will be directly exposed to the sun and its ultra violet light will weaken those exposed spots, which can create cracking, blistering, algae formation, edge damage, and water leaks. In the winter, the shingles expand and contract, which can cause curling or cracking on the shingles, which were weakened by hail making them very susceptible to leaks.  

The amount of damage your roof may have faced depends on the type of roofing materials, age of roofing materials, roof slope and quality of construction. It is also important to note hail size, hail density, hail shape and the velocity and angle of its fall as these will determine the amount of damage as well.

When assessing hail damage you can look for some of theses other signs: dented gutters, gutter screens, downspouts,
siding and windowsills/casings or any other signs of impact. If you think you have hail or storm damage – have your roof looked at by a professional right away

Why do you need a professional to look at your roof? First, it is for your safety. With the difficulty of being able to see hail damage to your roof from the ground, an experienced contractor will need to get up on your roof to take a look at the damage. Two, they know what they are looking for. Trained professionals know the differences between normal wear and tear compared to hail damage. Thirdly, they are qualified to work directly with your insurance company to find the best options to get your roof back in shape. Know who is on your roof. To receive the quality of work you deserve, you should always make sure your the crew on your roof is fully licensed and insured and has employees completing the work rather than subcontracting it out to a third party.

Why is it important to file an insurance claim? Most importantly for your benefit, you could qualify for a brand new roof. However, make sure you know your policy because most claims must be filed within a year. By filing a claim through your insurance company you should not have to pay the majority of your replacements out of pocket. Roof storm damage professionals can help you get everything you are entitled to. 

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