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Apr 9, 2018 | Roofing



Roofs, being the highest part of a house, tend to be insignificant to most people. HOA roof concerns don’t arise unless damp spots or leaks become evident. A roof, however, impacts a home insurance policy more than what many homeowners think. Your roof matters a lot to your insurer in terms of lowering costs to acquire big savings, possibly increasing your insurance, and could even lead to cancellation or non-renewal.


Insurance Savings through Discounts

The age of the roof is considered by insurance companies, regardless of the age of the house. Roofs 10 years old or less are likely to acquire discounts, since it’s generally in good condition with reduced likelihood of leakages. Discounts or credits are also provided for hail resistant roof material, including concrete, metal, tile, slate, or fiberglass shingles. Homeowners would need to ask for a certificate stating the new roof’s classification.

Increased Cost of Insurance

The age and type of roofing material determines insurance costs. For roofs 15 years old and beyond, most insurance companies either raise the wind or hail deductible to certain percentages or only insure the roof for actual cash value rather than cost of replacement. Either way, roof-related claims would entail homeowners higher out-of-pocket costs. Roofing material such as steel panels, tile, slate, and concrete shingles cost more as insurers factor in replacement costs. The more expensive a roof is, the higher insured values and premiums will be. Some homes that have roofs made of wood shake shingles require plywood decking to be installed on top of replacing with new shingles. Moreover, roofs with an overlay or more than one layer of shingles are tedious to replace and therefore costs more. Insurance companies are bound to implement a higher wind or hail deductible, and the insured value of the home may be subject to a surcharge.

Insurance Policy Declines and Non-Renewals

All home policies written by any insurance company are followed through with home inspections to assess the home’s current condition. Common roof related issues include cutting back nearby tree and shrub limbs, flashing around roof edges, and boot vents in need of replacement. Necessary changes and repairs must be fulfilled, with photos submitted to underwriters upon completion. Otherwise, an insurance policy won’t be renewed for the next year or can end up being cancelled within the 60-day period.



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