HOA Properties and Roofing Tips

May 7, 2020 | Roofing


Just like any other house, townhouses are susceptible to roof damage. Deciding who is responsible for your roof replacement is the first step towards scheduling its replacement and maintenance. Unlike standalone houses, multiple parties such as your neighbors or the homeowner’s association are involved.

Here are a few roofing tips relating to HOA properties.

Is it your property or do you rent?
If you are a tenant, roofing issues are your landlord’s problem. However, you will need to report the problem immediately so that you do not end up violating your lease terms. Always communicate any damage or issue with your townhouse roof so that issues are attended to before they magnify.

Is the HOA involved?
If you own or rent a townhouse within a community, the chances are high that you pay HOA dues. The dues you pay are meted out for varying reasons depending on the terms and conditions of the HOA agreement. Home improvements such as maintenance, and roof replacements are some of the reasons for HOA dues. If roof repairs, maintenance, and improvements are covered under the agreement, report the problem to the HOA administration. In most cases, they will send a reputable roofing contractor to review the roof’s damage and come up with an estimate. The organization may also initiate total roof replacement for the whole rental building, especially if you are not the only tenant with a leaking roof.

What if roof issues are not covered under the HOA agreement?
In this case, roof repair costs fall squarely on you. You may be covered by your home insurance policy if the roof issues are as a result of natural calamities. If the damage is as a result of the normal wear and tear, it may be time to schedule its replacement. Leaving the problem for too long may cause water damage not only in your home, but also in your neighbors’. Even before there’s an issue with your roof, establish who is responsible for roof replacements and maintenance by familiarizing yourself with the HOA agreement. In the absence of an HOA agreement, you will need to contact a reputable roofing contractor.


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