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Mar 2, 2020 | Roofing, Siding, Spouting

As the snow melts and the brown foliage emerges, you can start to see your home’s exterior again. This means it is time for exterior maintenance! Spring brings a variety of outdoor projects that can reveal some problems with your exterior and/or yard. To help, we created a list of what you should do and the problems you might encounter when doing so.

WoodenDoorwithWindows.pngFront Door

Project: Inspect your doorway and wipe it down.

Problem: If there is any squeaking or rattling, your door could be misaligned. Your door might not be properly insulating your home. If you have a squeaky and dented door, you may want to replace it. Front entry doors have a fabulous return on investment.


Project: Look over your walkway and driveway.

Problem: If you have uneven or cracked pavement, seal any cracks and replace parts that are unrepairable.


Project: Check your outdoor light bulbs.

Problem: Are they old or broken? Replace the bulbs with LED energy efficient bulbs.


Project: Walk around and inspect your siding.

Problem: If your siding rattles, appears melted, is missing parts, or has dents, you should replace that section as soon as possible. If your wood siding gives and seems mushy, you will want to replace that right away, too. If you see a lot of these siding issues, consider replacing your home’s siding.


Project: Clean the outside of your windows.

Problem: Moisture, warping, rattling, and drafty windows should be replaced this spring. You can find very cost effective windows that are energy efficient. Here are 4 signs you need to replace your windows.


Project: Inspect your roof from the ground.

Problem: Damaged or missing shingles need to be replaced. Here are some Common Signs of a Bad Roof.



Project: If you have a chimney, see how the exterior of it looks.

Problem: Blockages, creosote build up, and cracks in the flue pose a threat to your home. Have your chimney cleaned out by a professional, don’t let it sit dirty until fall.

Project: Clean your air conditioner.

Problem: Refrigerant leaks, corrosion, and electrical issues are a few problems you may face if you don’t properly maintain your air conditioner.


Project: Check your outdoor faucets for any visible damage.

Problem: If you turn on the outdoor faucet and no water comes out, call a plumber right away.


Project: Clean out your gutters.

Problem: Your gutters may be loose, rusty, or have holes in them. If there are too many issues with your gutters it may be best to replace them. They are important for keeping water away from your home’s foundation.


Project: Walk around your yard and look for problems.

Problem: If areas of your yard have some flooding or lack of grass, you may need to install a drainage system or reseed these areas.

549BaldEagleCt-WeatheredWood-IMG_3064.jpg Mulch

Project: Add some new mulch around your trees, shrubs, and plants. Don’t add mulch until the ground thaws.

Problem: Using too much mulch can cause root decay, attract rodents, and fungi. This can harm the plants you are trying to protect.


Project: Clean and take inventory of your yard tools.

Problem: Broken, old, or dirty yard tools may not work properly and may harm you.


Project: Take a look at your trees. Any sick or broken branches should be pruned right away. Wait to prune the rest of your branches until early spring to stimulate growth.

Problem: Pruning the wrong way can harm your tree. Prune the proper way at the right time.



Project: Create a budget for any repairs or improvements you want to make to your home’s exterior.

Problem: Without a plan, you may not have enough money saved up to complete your project.


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