House Styles

Aug 30, 2018 | Roofing

When you have the chance to upgrade your home’s exterior, either by necessity or by choice, you will face the tough challenge of choosing a new style. While some homes have distinctive style, others may be a blank palette that can adapt to any style by changing just a few design aspects.


For those who like a uniform look and to fit in with a neighborhood where most homes are neutral, a classic style is best. The most classic and neutral look is black and white. This can be achieved by a neutral colored roof such as Certainteed’s Landmark Moire Black or Charcoal Black. These are shingle colors that suit any color home. They look great when paired with new crisp white siding. Black shutters complete this timeless and classical look.

Beach House

Inspiration for beach style homes can be found in your nearest shore town. Bold colors, white trim, and big contrasts are the staples to this style. These homes also frequently utilize the rugged and textured style of vinyl shake siding. These homes often have siding in deep blue, yellow, turquoise, or even pink colors. Some colors frequently seen on beach homes are Certainteed’s Mainstreet Oxford Blue or Autumn Yellow.

Farm House

For those who want their home to stand out, the typical farm house may be the perfect look. There are several shades of brick red that create a bold and daring image such as Certainteed’s Mainstreet Autumn Red. This siding color will look best with a neutral gray roof or a roof that incorporates a brick color. There are a wide selection of grey shingle colors such as Certainteed’s Landmark Cobblestone Grey, Pewterwood, or Birchwood.


To create a modern and stylish exterior, wood accents are a great option. Wood siding can be installed either horizontally or vertically. Neutral colored wood can be added to any home to transform the exterior and make the home seem more modern. This wood pairs well with dark contemporary siding like Certainteed’s Mainstreet Flagstone or Hearthstone.

Cape Cod

Dormers on a Cape Cod add dimension and texture to the front of a home. Adding shake or scalloped siding helps draw attention to the aspect that defines the character of a Cape Cod style home. Due to the steep slope of the front of the home, it is important to make sure there is no discoloration or missing shingles.


Typical Tudor style homes have unique details that are inspired by a time when homes were hand crafted works of art. Many have brown accents that look best when paired with off white clapboard style siding. These trims tend to be the star of the show, so it is best to go with subdued roofing and siding to not draw focus away from them. A good option would be Certainteed’s Landmark Driftwood or Weathered Wood.


One of the most distinctive and eye catching home styles is the Victorian. These homes date back to the late 1800’s. They stand out with bold turrets and wide trims. It is also very common to see scalloped siding on these homes.

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