Storm Damage: How to Spot it

Jun 29, 2020 | Roofing, Siding, Storm Damage

Lancaster County and the surrounding areas can see some pretty wild weather, and when the storms blow through the area they often leave behind some damage to homes and property. It’s important that you know how to identify this type of damage so you can properly address it to get it fixed. These are some of the telltale signs that you might need a storm damage contractor.

d8bd35afbe6c45ceb85c247226945ffc_low_res.jpgRoof Storm Damage

The most likely place that you will find storm damage is on your roof, where there is a huge surface area specifically designed to protect against the weather and keep your home and your family safe inside. If you (like the majority of homeowners in the U.S.) have asphalt shingles on your home, they can suffer damage after heavy rains, hailstorms, or high winds and tornadoes. The most common signs of damage to your roofing shingles include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Areas where shingles have lost excessive amount of the protective granules that prevent UV damage
  • Cracked or broken shingles
  • Rusted or dented flashing around roof protrusions such as skylights or vents
haildamage-1.jpgThe easiest way to spot hail damage is to look for dark spots, called “bruises”, where the granules have been knocked off. You can also look for signs of shingle damage in your yard, such as pieces of asphalt shingles on the ground or granules in the gutters and on walkways surrounding the house.

Home Exterior Damage

If you have siding, paint, or a similar home exterior material, you might also notice damage to this area following a storm. The sides of your home, like the roof, are susceptible to damage from hail or high winds and also from flying debris. Check your entire home exterior for dents and dings, cracked or split siding, holes, chipped areas, or discoloration after a storm; if you see any of these things, get them checked and repaired quickly.

The Dangers of Storm Damage

Whether it’s damaged roofing or siding, it’s important to discover it early and get it fixed quickly. Leaving damage for extended periods of time can lead to water leaks, mold and mildew growth, and damage to the underlying structure of the roof or walls of your home.

If you think your home may have been damaged by wind or hail, schedule this free appointment to allow one of our storm team members to inspect your property for damages.


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