Top 5 Materials for a Residential Gutter Installation

Apr 23, 2020 | Roofing, Spouting

Gutters are a vital part of your roofing system, protecting it from water damage and other outdoor elements. Without them, water runoff may seep through the roof into your interiors, or fall directly onto the ground, weakening your home’s foundation. Before you embark on gutter installation, carefully consider the materials you want to use, as this can impact aesthetic appeal, durability, and pricing, among other factors.


What’s the Best Gutter Material for Your Home?

1. Vinyl

A popular choice among homeowners, vinyl gutters are easy to install and the most economical choice for gutter installation. Vinyl gutters come in a variety of colors, making it easy to find options that match the color scheme of your property. Vinyl is ideal in moderate climates, but doesn’t fair well in extreme temperatures.

2. Steel

Steel gutters are available in several varieties, such as galvanized and stainless. Of the two, stainless steel is more expensive, but it is a tougher material. Galvanized steel is a suitable alternative, but it’s more susceptible to rusting and corroding than its stainless steel counterpart.

3. Copper

Another steel alternative, copper gutters look beautiful and boost curb appeal. Copper is just as durable as stainless steel, but it costs more to install. However, because of their high visual appeal and monetary value, copper gutters are more prone to theft and can be stripped from buildings.

4. Aluminum

Aluminum gutters are perennial favorites to homeowners for the same reasons that vinyl is a top choice. However, aluminum has several advantages over vinyl, including superior weather-resistance and the ability to bond to paint more efficiently. These gutters come in sectional and seamless variations, both of which are easy to install. However, aluminum gutters are more susceptible to denting than other materials.

5. Wood

Typically found in older homes, wooden gutters are often used for restoration work. Gutter installation using this material is more delicate and needs extensive maintenance to prevent rotting or cracking. They are also relatively expensive, costing more than copper, but the returns come in the form of improved curb appeal.

At Greenawalt Roofing Company, we know how important gutter systems are and we use the same care with our gutter & spouting installation as we do with our quality roofing services. We offer a variety of gutter systems in a variety of colors and materials to complement the look of your home. For a free gutter estimate, contact us or call us at Greenawalt Roofing Company at 717-898-6000.

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