Mounting Holiday Lights & Decorations

Nov 21, 2019 | Roofing

Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

Are you trying to create an impressive lighting display this holiday season?

Putting up decorative lights during Christmas is a big global tradition. Winter landscapes look stunning when adorned in lights as they hang from the eaves of roofs for several weeks each year.

As a homeowner, you can follow a couple of tips to enable you to install Christmas lights and decorations on the roof in a safe manner and without compromising its structural integrity. You can stand back and experience the festive season without having to worry about things toppling or breaking.

Securing Decorative Lights on the Roof Line

Once you’ve decided where you would like to hang your Christmas lights, layout a comprehensive plan prior to charging up the ladder. Measure the roof line to determine how many lights you will require. Hang lights first along pillars, eaves, windows, and posts as it provides you with a structural base for the design of your Christmas lighting. Next, you can utilize plastic clips for attaching your lights to the gutters or roof line as opposed to using a hammer and nail or stapler. This will prevent you from puncturing your gutter or damaging your roof.

Safety Checks for Roofing Lights

Different kinds of electrical faults can occur with your holiday lights and start a fire on the roof. Perform quick checks on your decorations prior to adding them onto your roof along with other places within your home. Check for any frayed electrical lines, non-functional bulbs along with lights that appear to flicker to prevent fire hazards from occurring that could damage your roofing. Secure wires to both your gutter and roof line using plastic clips or zip ties, as these protect wires from getting damaged.

Use lights rated for outdoor use and a proper grounded power source to prevent outbreaks of fire or associated electrical issues. Check for the presence of any loose cords or those lying in a manner that may cause tripping incidents or cause them to get pulled out of their outlets. Taking such precautions means that you can enjoy your festive Christmas lighting without concerns over possible electrical fires.

Safety Tips on Using the Ladder

Placing any type of decoration on a roof top can be a challenging task. Move with caution as you install decorations on your roof top. Do not attempt carrying the decorations and source of light up the ladder with you. Rather, have someone pass these items up to you once you are up there, or hoist them using a rope.

Fastening Stand-Up Decorations

Ascertain that you have sufficient length in power wires for use with your decorations. You want to check that the power cord isn’t what’s holding Rudolf on the roof. If your decorations fall over, they could chip a tile or tear into shingles. Avoid nailing or screwing objects into the roof as this can greatly compromise integrity of your roof. Re-mounting every season can put quite a few holes into the roof, and sealants have limitations. If you plan to put up the same decorations every year, a qualified roofer may be able to help you install permanent mounts that will be leak-proof and enable you to simply bolt your items onto the existing brackets each season.



Getting up on a roof in winter is risky. You could be injured or damage your roof or gutters. If you’re decorating your home this winter, please take every precaution, and have a very safe and joyous holiday season!

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