Pests That Can Damage Your Roofing

Mar 23, 2020 | Roofing, Spouting


There are many reasons why you might notice damage to your home’s roofing. Heavy wind and rainfall often result in missing shingles, dislodged flashing, and leaks, but pests may also cause structural problems. (If you have a pest issue, consider contacting Aptive exterminators to handle that for you.) From time to time, roofing contractors recommend that you inspect for the following handful of insects and rodents.

What Are the Most Common Pests to Look Out For? 

1. Termites 

Roofing contractors caution against termites, who are usually drawn to areas of your roof that contain mold, mildew, or dry-rotted spots. They build colonies within these soft, compromised materials, making your roof more vulnerable to collapse. These critters also tend to chew through insulation, making your home less comfortable and energy-efficient.

2. Bees & Woodpeckers

Carpenter bees create tunnels through the boards and beams of your roof, which weakens the structure. To make matters worse, woodpeckers feast on carpenter bee larvae, and they may peck through the wood to find their food source. As a result, you may notice punctures or sagging in your roof. 

3. Bats & Birds

Bats and birds tend to make their nests in attics and roofing materials. They leave unsightly droppings that have unpleasant smells and may put you at risk of serious illnesses. These winged creatures typically access roofing materials through damaged fascia boards. 

4. Mice & Rats

Like ants and termites, mice and rats chew through wood, but they also tear away at plumbing and electrical wiring. In addition to causing extensive damages, this may create fire and flood hazards. 

5. Squirrels

Squirrels have sharp claws and teeth to help them climb and break open acorns, but they can also use these features to scratch and gnaw through roofing shingles. If they work their way through the roof, they can build nests in the attic and, like mice and rats, chew through insulation or wires. 


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