Dec 2, 2019 | Doors, Roofing, Siding, Spouting, Windows

Here are 4 tips to keep your home ready for winter:

Keep gutters clean. Your gutters can collect pine needles, leaves, and other debris over time. If they become clogged or slow, they won’t properly drain melting snow and moisture, which can cause roof leaks and other damage. Keeping gutters clear can avoid such damage. If your gutters collect a lot of debris, screen-covered gutters may be a good investment.

Clear downspouts, too. Make sure your downspouts are also clear of debris, and are effectively draining water away from your home’s foundation. Even if your gutters are properly draining water from your roof, that water can cause leaks and damage to your foundation if your downspouts aren’t properly draining as well.

Trim your trees. Keep tree branches and limbs trimmed back away from your home, especially if there are dead tree limbs on your property. If trees get too weighted down with snow and ice, they can break and fall, which can cause property damage or even injury.

Remove snow from foundation walls. If snow piles up around the foundation of your home, it can trap ice and moisture. This can crack or damage your foundation over time, and can also create leaks in your basement. Removing snow around your foundation can help to prevent such damage.

These are just a few quick tips for maintaining your home’s exterior during the cold, winter months.

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