Types of Roofs

Aug 13, 2018 | Roofing

What type of roof do I have?

No matter what kind of roof your home has, it’s important to understand your roof and how to watch for warning signs. As you start thinking about your roof, it’s best to start with the basics. Once you know what type of roof your house has, you can begin to keep an eye on it, understand the maintenance it needs, and you can ask the important questions when it comes time to replace your roof.

So, what type of roof do you have?

3-Tab Shingles


These are the classic asphalt shingles that you’ll see on most older homes. They’re easy to spot because they come in separate tabs for that traditional shingled look. Always have your shingles inspected to ensure it isn’t time for replacement.

Architectural Shingles


These sharp-looking shingles are becoming more popular for their look and their durability. Most contractors recommend architectural shingles. You’ll see them on recent construction and newer re-roof projects.

Metal Roofs


Your home, business, or outbuilding might have a metal roof, since metal roofs are on of the most versatile options. These roofs are durable and attractive.

Slate Roofs

Many old homes on the east coast were roofed with slate. While this is one of the best-looking roof options around, slate is fragile and brittle, and may require quite a bit of repair. It’s best to stay current on maintenance to make sure the roof isn’t leaking, and to preserve the look of the slate.

Wood Shake Roofs


Wood shake roofs look great, have been around forever, and have a rustic look. Unfortunately, they do not age well and require to be monitored closely for signs of leaking and broken shakes. Also as the wood ages and is exposed to the elements, the color of your roof will change.

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