What to Look for When Getting a Roof Quote

Jan 27, 2022 | Roofing


From finding reputable roofing companies to understanding what to expect with your new roof quote, even the beginning of the roof replacement process can be challenging. But getting your roof replaced doesn’t have to turn your world upside-down.
These tips on researching roofing companies and topics related to roof quotes can help you get started with confidence.

Research Roofing Companies

When you’re in need of a quote for a new roof, you’ll need to do some heavy research on local roofing companies.
Here’s a glimpse at what to look at during your research.

What is each roofing company’s specialty?

During your online research phase, explore different local companies’ websites to learn more about what each company specializes in. Some may specialize in roof repair while others in full roof replacements or solar roofing.

Does the company offer a free roofing estimate?

When you go to any retailer, you’re “free” to shop around. At a department store, you browse the racks for deals on the perfect blouse for a job interview. At a home improvement store, you inspect materials and appliances to ensure there are no dents, scratches, or missing parts. It costs you nothing but time…until you find the perfect product. And that’s how it should go when searching for a reliable contractor. You shouldn’t have to pay for a roof replacement estimate.

How does the roofing company handle online reviews?

The star rating of a roofing business tells a story, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. To get a deeper understanding of the quality and service a roofing company provides, read the reviews. Do they thank their customers on that review platform? Do they take action to make wrongs right?
These are just a few places you can find online reviews for roofing businesses:

You’re looking for the right company to trust with one of your most valuable possessions–your home. How a company responds to online reviews can provide insight into how its employees may treat your property.

What to Look for When Requesting a Quote for Your New Roof

Once you select a few roofing companies, it’s time to familiarize yourself with what to look for before getting their quotes. A successful visit with the estimator or roofing sales consultant starts with understanding what’s involved in the quote process and knowing what to ask.

Here are a handful of topics to address with your roofing representatives.

What will be included in your roof quote?

A reputable roofing company will break down an estimate into easy-to-understand line items, because you deserve to know what you’re paying for. The estimate should clearly identify the materials used and specific services rendered. Some companies, like Greenawalt Roofing, even provide complimentary gutter cleaning services following your roof installation.

How long will the roof quote be valid?

In today’s economy, material costs are constantly changing. It’s important to clearly establish with your contractor or roofing salesperson how long the bottom line on your quote will remain valid. Depending on the company, the quote’s term can range anywhere from one week to 30 days. This should also be listed on your quote.

What is the company’s policy on addressing and fixing unforeseen damage?

A professional roofing company will discuss how they handle hidden damages with you. Unforeseen or hidden damages are those not identified during the initial roof inspection. Some companies may have a separate line item on the estimate, some may cover those expenses in labor costs. A professional will also factor that into your project’s timeline.

Will the project timeline account for your lifestyle?

Nearly everything is unpredictable these days, thanks to a global pandemic. Whether you’re working remotely, heading into the office every day, or taking a week-long family vacation, you should feel confident that your lifestyle won’t be interrupted during your roof replacement.
The roofing company you choose to work with should take material availability into consideration. A professional roofing company won’t start the job until the team can confirm they’ve acquired all necessary materials to complete your roof replacement. The start date may also be affected by when the contractor can get the roofing shingles, decking, or other materials for your new roof. Consistent communication during this time is key.
In addition to material availability, the size and complexity of your roof also influence how long the replacement will take. Roofs with many angles and smaller areas, like those on Victorian-style homes, tend to take more time to replace in order to preserve the structural integrity of the roof. A standard rancher, on the other hand, may take no longer than a day to complete.

What will be the expected lifespan of your new roof?

How long your roof will last depends on a number of factors. Not only the longevity of the materials used, but also the environment and exposure to extreme weather can impact the life of your roof. The person who presents your quote should explain the life expectancy based on these factors and what to do if you encounter an issue during that time.
Most shingles come with manufacturer warranties, and some roofing companies will provide a guarantee for a certain time period following the installation of your new roof.

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