Wind Damage – It’s More than just missing shingles

Jun 4, 2020 | Roofing

With the heavy storms that moved across central PA yesterday it is important to keep your roof top of mind. Most people do not think about wind damage until they find a shingle laying in their yard or see missing shingles on their roof. While most shingles are rated for winds over 90 mph, damage can begin ataround 50mph. Here are two examples of wind damage, one is clearly noticeable since the shingles were blown off, but the second one is only noticed by physically inspecting the shingles.


Obvious Wind Damage

Shingles that have been blown up or blown off completely can easily be spotted from the ground.


Less Obvious Wind Damage

“Lifted” shingles where wind has lifted the shingles upwards and loosened the nails which are holding them down. This also can break the sealant between each layer leading to leaks.

If you think you may have sustained damage in any of the recent storms, call us today for your free inspection!

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